Sunday, January 29, 2012

Five Year Mission: The Man Trap

Here's a repost from the old blog about my favorite fellows: Five Year Mission. You can use their video, "The Man Trap" (below) to get ready for my webisode of the same name coming this Wednesday at 7 pm EST.

I've recently discovered Five Year Mission. Not the five year mission that I'm on, but something that was called a "tribute band" back in the 21st century.  This band somehow got hold of the historical records of our adventures on the Enterprise and has decided to make a song of each "episode". How clever! I don't exactly know why they are called a "tribute band" but I hope it has to do with lavishing gifts on those you sing of (or technically for me, on those close to those you sing of). They are, of course, all clean cut young men with Starfleet regulation hair (Yes, yes, I know, those are very wide standards).

The Band FIVE YEAR MISSION (left to right: Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh and Baby) 
Now, I have to be very careful in listening to their music. You see, because they come from the past and have somehow extracted information about our future aboard the Enterprise, I have to make sure that I'm only listening to songs about OUR past from before the point in time when I'm listening. Confusing? Well, you see, if I accidentally listen to a song about an adventure that we haven't had yet from my point of view, then I could accidentally change our timeline. If I understand correctly, then that could have some weird timeline effects, like wiping out the eugenics wars of the 1990's or making Spock's mother Mina Harker, or, god forbid, RED MATTER! Is that how it works? Theoretically, I could even become my own grandmother. (Gasp! What fine genetic stock I would make!) Anyhoo, I really like their music. Buy their songs. Seriously. Now, I don't get any money from this and what would I do with it anyway, seeing as we don't use money in the future. So buy it now. NOW. You can do it right over your interwebs.

Here's a link for a video for one of their songs. In fact, this is the one called "The Man Trap", just like my webisode!

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more info about the band!


  1. Can the future really be altered? It would not be the future if it had not come for past events. Man trap is brilliant.

  2. Five Year Mission sings of the future. They have even performed in the future birth place of Captain James T. Kirk. All is as it was meant to be.

  3. You see, there's the rub. The future is like buying a dress. If we knew we weren't going to lose the weight in six months we probably wouldn't buy the smaller size. Therefore knowing the future really limits your motivation to fit in that damn dress you paid too much for even though it was on sale and you just couldn't pass it up. So my point is that we don't buy dresses in the future because we don't use money anymore or something like that.