Friday, February 3, 2012

Starfleet Recuriting

Starfleet needs the best and brightest!

If you're unsure of which division you want to sign up for remember this rhyme:

If you want to grow old
Wear blue or gold.
You'll come home dead
if you wear red.

There was another official Starfleet recruiting rhyme that never really caught on: 

Command is Gold, join the fold!
Science is Blue, we need you!
Security is Red, Not everyone can be science and command.

Admiral Barnett at a hearing for some noob.

I remember when I joined; back in the old days, when Admiral Richard Barnett was head of the Starfleet academy Board. They had a whole campaign back then that used his picture: 

The Slogan was "Starfleet Wants YOU!" (or was it "Big Mother is watching"? That's right! They couldn't use "Big Mama" for some reason because they were afraid people would get confused. I don't rightly remember why.)

Ah, Admiral Barnett! He was responsible for ending the Starfleet ban on cross dressers in fat suits.

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