Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Very Special Moxie Pod: Five Year Mission

Dear Manny,

Take that footage from the Five Year Mission episode and throw it together with their reaction video. Can you spice it up a little? It's not much to see--Noah drinking, Chris trying to chew his leg off to get away, Mike with his endless sarcasm, P.J. desperate to get to practice for some other band and Fark--I mean just Fark--do I really have to elaborate on that?

Post this on the blog for me "Oh, Five Year Mission, They're my Favorite!" Maybe in all caps. Search for some really glowing quotes about me--they must have hundreds--and pick the best and post them on the blog too. Use some sort of title like: "What the Band is Saying about Moxie" That way we can push out a webisode this week without actually having to do anything.

Please read this carefully. DO NOT under any circumstances post everything I've written. They must think I ADORE them. Understand?

Give my love to Margaret,


 "A clip show? Is she really doing a clip show already? How does she have enough footage for a clip show? Hey, how'd she get that video of us!"  --Mike Rittenhouse

"Didn't we send her a cease and desist letter? I got a baby on the way, I don't need this. If another person asks me how my husband David Beckham is I'm going to lose it."  --Chris Spurgin

"Who? Oh, that Janice Rand wannabe. She'll never make it. She ain't got the sparkle. Did you see my glass?" --Noah Butler

"I don't know what I want. I don't know what I want."  --P.J. O'Connor

"Here, hold my baby. Sh*t just got real."  --Andy Fark

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