Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Year Mission: Mudd's Women

Do you remember our dear friends Ruth, June and Anita--no wait those are the names of the Pointer Sisters. Let's see, there was definitely a Ruth. Hmmm, Magda was the lovely accented one in the purple knit fringe. And what was that other one? Oh, Eve, how could I forget Eve? After all, she was the one who really learned a lesson in the end. They were those shining stars that Harry Mudd brought on board a while back, remember? The ones that drove the men wild and made all the woman want to be their best friends?
The Pointer Sisters obviously don't need the Venus drug
Mudd's women obviously anxious about beauty

And do you also remember that wonderful little band I told you about, Five Year Mission? You know, those innocent boys who were at the heart of that malicious salt vampire rumor that has yet been put to rest. Certainly if they were salt vampires they would have been exposed by now. In reality, they are just wonderful fellows and they are doing quite well with their musical venture. Why just last week I was on Vulcan when those boys arrived for a late night talkshow appearance. They arrived by shuttle and you wouldn't believe the throngs of silent, well-mannered Vulcan teens who arrived to catch a glipse of boys the press there calls the "fascinating five". I have never before witnessed emotional restraint of that magnitude before. Why the air was positively filled with silence. The tension was palpable. I half expected pon farr just to explode planet wide. To their credit the young Vulcan fans just stared, all with one eyebrow raised in unison. As always on Vulcan, logic prevails. Why you wouldn't recognize the T'Walmart during the holidays! When the doors open on Black Friday they file in without trampling a soul. It's positively eerie! But I digress.

The Fascinating Five should take a lesson from the Pointer Sisters: Bigger Hair More Sequins

Anyhoo, these young songsters have recorded a song about those three Venus-drug addled beauties. I wanted to share the video here with you not only to promote the boys, but also to remind you to just say no to beauty enhancing substance abuse!

Please be sure to check out FIVE YEAR MISSION. and keep your eyes on my blog for an upcoming chance to win a copy of their first CD: YEAR ONE. (Their second CD: is due out in December, and you can preorder your copy from their website! You can also buy Year One on their website or download it from iTunes or Amazon.)

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