Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Moxie Pod, Episode One: The Man Trap

No, "The Man Trap" does not refer to me and my charms (although I would categorize myself as irresistible with a side order of va-va-voom) nor does it refer to my, um, well, "tribble".

Anyhoo, to refresh your memory of the events surrounding this webisode, please watch Starfleet historical records (Star Trek, The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 1 (by airdate): The Man Trap--currently available on instant watch on Netflix and available on DVD).

And so, without further ado, I proudly present, for your viewing pleasure, the premier webisode of "The Moxie Pod":

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OOH, She was trying to get salty with me, now! LV-426 was still worse. 

Next weeks episode: Charlie X!


  1. I love you. Now please return Moxie to us!!!

  2. Don't worry honey, no Moxies were harmed in the making of this podcast. Wish I could say the same for the now extinct salt vampires of M-113.