Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Moxie Pod, Episode 5: The Enemy Within!

Heavy is the heart that is full of evil. This, too, applies to the lids of the eyes.

The "Evil Eye" is the one that looks a little too, well, trampy

All I'm saying is that there is nothing that says EVIL quite like excessive eye makeup, no? As you can see, here is a picture of evil Kirk. You can tell how evil he is by the way he cakes on the eyeliner and the lower lid mascara. So, just to recap, what we learned from recent events is this: to identify an evil doppelganger check the eyes. If there is an obvious difference, the one with the most dramatic eye makeup is evil. Understand?

Now, of course, this episode corresponds to the historical record called The Enemy Within. (Star Trek, The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 5 (by airdate): The Enemy Within--currently available on instant watch on Netflix and available on DVD).

NOTE: Yes, dear reader, I am aware that my log account does not correspond with this webisode of these events. Let's just say little Mz. Moxie got a little creative to cover up the fact that she was sneaking around, using the transporter for her own purposes. :)

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