Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Moxie Pod, Interlude 4: Outlantacon

Howdy-do Crew! I'm going to Outlantacon, the LGBT geek fest that will be in Atlanta, Georgia (Earth, mind you, not Alpha Centauri), May 4-6! You should definitely check out there web site and join me for all the fun!

Now, crew, I did make this little announcement about the guest who will be attending Outlantacon. If you missed the live broadcast, then feel free to watch it here, BUT I remind you that this is an internal memo--only for Enterprise crew. We definitely don't want any of the guests from the con to see this. I would hate for any of those poor dears to know the horror that await them.

I simply cannot wait. Oh, and I guess I don't have to! Since we are going to time travel there anyway, why don't we just leave now?

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